Sylhet is a beautiful city of north-east Bangladesh. The beauty of Sylhet makes it one of the best travel attractions to travelers. The Sylhet has something for everyone, from its waterfalls to its tea garden and swamp forest, palaces, and beautiful nature, so if you’re stuck for where to visit in Sylhet read on for our 10 Best places to visit in Sylhet.

10 Best places to visit in Sylhet

1. Jaflong

10 best places to visit in sylhet

Jaflong is a place of natural beauty, a place where Bangladesh and India meet in nature.  It takes one and half hour to go there from Sylhet town but it worth when you see the natural beauty of Jaflong. It is mainly a river of stone that came from India. You can enjoy people collecting stone from the river and can boating also to enjoy the nature very closely.  You will see the river of stone, hills (Indian) and waterfalls if you visit during the rainy season.  Try to make an early visit to Jaflong because you can visit some more spots like Sripur and Lalakhal near it while back.

2. Ratargul Swamp Forest

Ratargul Swamp Forest
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Imagine you are in a boat and floating inside a deep jungle and on deep water. Yes, You will get that taste in Ratargul swamp forest Some people called it amazon of Bangladesh while some people called it the mini Sundarban. Ratargul is the only swamp forest in Bangladesh.  It’s not that far from Sylhet town. Try to visit there at early in the morning because there is no hotel facility to stay at night. You have to hire a boat to visit through the forest. You get to see different types of birds,  Monkeys, and snakes. Monsoon  is the best time to visit Ragargul Swamp Forest.

3. Bisnakandi


Bisanakandi is one of the best place to visit in Sylhet. The distance is around 45 Km from Sylhet town. It’s better to hire a microbus from town to Hadar Par Bazar and it takes around two hours to reach there. From Hadar Par Bazar you need to hire a boat to reach Bisnakandi. It will take around one hour to reach Bisnakandi.  You get to see the stone river, Water Falls, and the natural beauty of Bisnakandi will amaze you.

4. Shahjalal Dorgha

Shahjalal Dorgha

This is the place where Hazrat Sahjala is resting in peace. It is a historical and religious place to visit in Sylhet.  You don’t have to go any far because it is exactly in the Sylhet town. Many people visit this place every day. This place is famous for a special black pigeons also called JALALI KOBUTOR and fish of the local pond.

5. Pangthumai Waterfall

Pangthumai Waterfall

Pangthumai waterfall is another attractive place to visit in Sylhet. You will truly love the natural beauty of this place. The waterfall is the main attraction of pangthumai waterfall but the bad news is you cannot get wet under the fall because it situated in India. All you can do is enjoy the waterfall from 50 meters far. You can hire a boat and go to very close of the fall and enjoy it.  Monsoon is the best time to visit Pangthumai Waterfall. The more you spend time there the more you will love the place so it’s better to visit Pangthumai Waterfall as early as possible so that you will be able to spend more time there.

6. Jadukata River

Jadukata River

Jadukata is the name of a river that came starting from Meghalaya India. Collecting coal from the river is common seen you will see there in any season. The taste of the water is sweeter than any other river. The golden sandy beach will make your visit worthy. The river is actually situated in Sunamganj so you need to make a long day plan to visit there and don’t forget to swim in this beautiful river.

7. Museum of Rajas

Museum of Rajas

Museum of Rajas was the home of legendary Hason Raja that has been transformed into a museum and now it is known as Museum of Rajas. The main purpose of this museum is to share and save the Hason Rajas and his family history. The museum has two galleries where you will find historical and some good number of photographs.  If you are a history lover then you will find this museum interesting.

8. MC College

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Mc College is a name of the oldest college in Sylhet division. It has a beautiful campus with full of natural beauty. The greenery campus will charm you. You can visit with your family members and kids. If you love history then it is a must visit place for you.

9. Keane Bridge

10 places to visit in sylhet

The beautifully engineered iron bridge is made by the British government and it is still serving. This bridge connects the north and south part of Surma river. Nowadays it is open to roam under the bridge and you can enjoy the evening time there.

10. Satchari National Park

Satchari National Park

Satchari National Park is far from Sylhet town, it is in Hobigonj district.  The park is surrounded by tea garden and you will find the beauty of Bangladesh tea garden here. Satchari National Park is well known for its green tea garden, birds, and monkeys. These are the best places to visit in Sylhet you can visit and make your tour memorable.