London is the best place for the visitors for visiting. If you want to spend your vacation with your relatives or friends, London will be the right choice for you.

London is the queen of beauty especially night that will give more extra enjoyment when you go out to see London at night.

All know that London is a very interesting place. You can spend your best time of your life in London. There are many things to do in London at night. You can make your night more enjoyable with these things.

In this guide, I am describing you top 10 things to do in London at night so that you can make your journey easy.

Here is The List of Top 10 Things To Do In London At Night

1. Go to walk London’s street at night

Go to walk London’s street at night

There are many things to do in London at night, go to walk London’s road is one of them. Go to walk at night is the best time to understand a city. At night any city especially, London becomes more beautiful. Every day, in a definite time, you can begin your journey at night on foot to see the London’s beauty.

You will witness the play of colors of London when you walk at night. A few years ago, a couple said his experience about night walk of London’s street. She and her daughter reached airport at 10:30pm. They wanted to hire a taxi but the taxi had charged a lot. Therefore, they decided to walk with their luggage. They said that walking off the street of London at night was their best experience. They fully enjoyed the night.

2. Watching movies at night

Watching movies at night
Watching movies at night

Watching movies at night is the best things to do in London at night. London has the most vital districts, which relate to the theater, is famous in the world. Visitors of the different countries come to London and see the most amazing movies.

You will get the show tickets in cheap rate.  You can easily find discount tickets here and various types of shows. You can follow the guide and know how to purchase the ticket at a cheap rate.

3. Go to visit the Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

Visiting the Houses of Parliament is another thing to do in London at night. You don’t need to spend a single penny of money because this is totally free for all. You can watch the real parliament debates to take a seat in the public gallery.

You will often see the task of the Houses of Parliament go on till the late night even it may be 11 pm. Therefore, you don’t find anything to do after dinner and your pocket is heavier with money, you should go to parliament to see the debates. Before going there, you must check the schedule.

4. Visit London Eye

 London Eye

London Eye is a large wheel where people enjoy their moment with riding it. It remains open full day for the visitors and visitors can ride here daylight as well as night. Riding at night is the totally different from the daylight. At night, the flashing light of London Eye surrounds you from all the side that arise the happiness of storm in your mind but in daylight, the flashing light will be disappeared and you will miss the amazing scene.

5. Ceremony of the Keys 

Ceremony of the Keys
Ceremony of the Keys

If you go out from your house, you can see that the Tower of London become alive with its most important ancient tradition: the Ceremony of the Keys. This is a free event that happens every night for the coming people. This is new London experience for the people who come to London for visiting.

If you are interested, you must purchase a ticket otherwise, you will not be allowed. If your mind doesn’t satisfy with this little information, check the article about Ceremony of the Keys (). You will get your desired information I think.

6. Visit the Museum 

London Museum
London Museum

Visiting the museum of London is the most important thing to do in London at night. Generally, the museums have their own schedule. The museums of London do their task from 9:00 to 5:00. You can find the museums open at late night that makes your night journey more enjoyable. The British Museum, The Tate Modern, The Nation Gallery, and the Transport Museum do their work when the sun is absorbed into the middle of the night.

7. Enjoy the awesome Live Music 

Live Music

Live music is another amazing attraction for all visitors in London. Every night London full up with the Live Music. If you want to enjoy the music, you don’t need much money. With your little earning, you can enjoy the night with the Live Music.

You can enjoy from jazz to classical, pop to rock and many others live music in London at night. There are many clubs in London but I am sharing you the best live music clubs names: Ruby’s Bar and Lounge, Oriole, Nightjar, Xoyo, and Baroque.

8. Big Ben Clock 

Big Ben Clock
Big Ben Clock

Big Ben is the most famous clock in the world where thousand of visitors come to London to see the Big Ben clock. Big Ben clock is represented by its iconic building among the millions of visitors. The clock equally spreads its beauty  the daylight as well as the night. I think, the night is the best time to enjoy the beauty of clock because thousand of people gather here to see the clock. In the moonlight, you can watch the golden trim glittering.

9. Free Comedy Show 

Comedy Show

Showing comedy is the amazing thing to do in London at night. You can watch the full comedy show without spending a single penny. The visitors can get the opportunity to watch the Angel Comedy show 7 nights in a week. This comedy show is the world’s famous comedy show. It will surely give you a great night.

Normally, the show begins at 8:00 but people gather here early. Therefore, you should reach the show spot before the start time of comedy show.

10. Christmas Lights

Top 10 Things To Do In London At Night - London Nightlife

The people who are willing to visit London at night, Christmas Lights are the greatest opportunity for them. All over the town flood at night with Christmas Lights. Christmas light makes the town festival mood. Please always remember about New Bond Street and Covent Garden. These areas really try their best to create a beautiful Christmas atmosphere so that the visitors can enjoy the Christmas light fully without any hindrance. As a result, the Christmas light can show their full colors.

In the above, I have shared top 10 things to do in London at night. You can do your night colorful with these things.