Things to do in London with Kids
London is the best place to visit that anyone can fill his mind with various types of knowledge. Its eye-catching beauty and vibrant culture snatch the visitor’s attraction and forced them to come back again. London has, such as a place where you can travel with your kids and place their mind about the history of London.

The famous English author Samuel Johnson once said,” If a man is tired of London, in fact, he is tired of his life”. If you want to spend your best time with your lovely kids in London, then, make a list what you will do in London with your kids.

Here is the list of Top 10 Things to do in London with Kids

1. Visit to London Eye

Top 10 Things to do in London with Kids
London Eye

Have you ever heard about London Eye? London eye is the world’s largest and most beautiful cantilevered observation wheel. London eye has opened in 2000 for the visitor to get enjoyment. Now, it has become world’s most popular visitor’s attraction place in the United Kingdom.

If you want to visit with your children, go to London eye with your child and ride the wheel, which will give you highly excitement. Early morning and clear day are the best time to go there; otherwise, you may face a long line.

To join there you have to buy the tickets. You can buy the tickets through online that save you from standing on the line.

2. London’s Tower

London’s Tower
London’s Tower

The important thing to do in London is, visiting the tower of London. The tower of London is the famous visiting place for older as well as kids. You will find it on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. London tower plays an important role in English history. It informs visitors about the ancient glory history of London.

Coming visitors of the tower of London can increase their boundary of knowledge to see the Tower’s glory history, royal armor, and admire the display of crown jewels.

If you want, you can enjoy the 60-minute trip that opens for the visitors totally free. Beefeaters control the trip. Tower Ravens is a most popular thing that must fascinate your child as soon as they see it.

3. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

Westminster abbey is a large church that locates in the city of Westminster, London. This is called the best and holy religious building where visitors come to keep their mind peace. Westminster abbey is placed just to the west of the palace of Westminster.

History tells us that from 1100; at least 16 royal weddings were held in this famous building. Approximately, 17 emperors, as well as many great people, are sleeping here for a lifetime. Visiting this place, kids can know trifling about the background story of these buried emperors along with their power.

4. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is situated in the Central London, the city of Westminster. It is called the heart of London because of its beauty and traditional history. Without visiting this place, your trip will incomplete.

In Trafalgar Square, you will see the lions that guard Nelson’s Column, are mostly liked by kids and they must take photos with a happy smile. If your kids like to feed pigeons, their mind will break here when they come to know it, because of some terms and conditions, the authorities don’t allow them to feed pigeons.

5. St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral

Since 604AD, a cathedral is situated on this place. Christopher Wren has made the design of the building. This is a nation’s church and considered it as the symbolic landmark of the city. Kids are attracted to this place and love this place very much because they find here some domes where they climb up and can enjoy the views with their eyes. A Whispering Gallery is arranged for the kids for expanding their excitement.

6. The Zoo of London

The Zoo of London
The Zoo of London

The London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo that is opened for the on April 27, 1828, and visitors are allowed to go in 1847. About 756 species of animals including 17480 individuals’ animals are staying here comfortably. Coming people sometimes call it by Regent’s Zoo, as it is located on the northern edge of Regent’s Park.

You can bring your kids into this zoo if you want to give them great pleasure. Your kids will know different kinds of animals that help them to know about the world of animals and their behavior.

7. Harry Potter Film Location

Harry Potter Film Location
Harry Potter Film Location

I think Harry Potter is a famous and very popular name with the kids. This film has arisen up to the kid’s mind. Every kid who love Harry, want to be like Harry in their dreams. Therefore, kids must like London because kids will find the sign around the city of the London.

Your kids will love to visit platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross station that gives them much excitement. Kids can take the photo when they will try to push their luggage into the wall like Harry Potter films that Harry did.

8. Changing Of the Guard or Horse Guards Parade

Horse Guards Parade
Horse Guards Parade

The changing the Guard ceremony is one of the most popular and attraction views in London. Kids as well as older become ready before an hour to watch the colorful ceremony that is held 11:30am daily from April to July.

If you are not interested in watching the changing of the Guard, a second way has for you. You can watch Horse Guards Parade that is held each weekday on Sundays at 11:00 am and at 10: am. This is also another amazing scene like Changing of the Guard.

9. Coram’s Fields Playground

Coram’s Fields Playground
Coram’s Fields Playground

Coram’s Fields is one of the most popular playgrounds to the children. Here children find their enough spaces to play and do as they wish. Thomas Coram is the founder of this field. The Coram’s Fields contains about eight-a-side football pitches, a stickball field, two tennis courts, and also a basketball court for the kids who love sports.

As my opinion, the most things to do in London with kids are, bring your kids in this field, and give freedom, as they want. The width of the Coram’s Fields helps to create a width mind in your child.

10. Hampstead Ponds

Hampstead Ponds
Hampstead Ponds – photo source flickr

The Hampstead pond or Highgate Ponds is very popular swimming ponds. There are tree different ponds for swimming in Hampstead. One for men, one for women, and also one for mixed. If your kids are over the age of eight, they can enjoy this fresh water with the swim. Otherwise, they are not allowed to swim.

The water of this pond is totally free from bacteria. Therefore, if your kids are arguing with you to swim, don’t prevent them. Hold your kid’s hand, and leave yourself into the water and spend your best time with this pure water.